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10:32PM, 17 Jun 2018

Robot exhibition to open in Manchester

An exhibition charting the remarkable 500-year history of robots is to headline this year's Manchester Science Festival, it has been announced today. Robots will explore humanity's 500-year quest to recreate ourselves in mechanised form. Featuring a unique collection of over 100 robots, from a 16th-century mechanical monk to robots from science fiction and modern-day research labs, this exhibition will enable visitors to discover the cultural, historical and technological context of humanoid robots. Among many other highlights will be an articulated iron manikin from the 1500s, Cygan, a 2.4m tall 1950s robot with a glamorous past, and one of the first walking bipedal robots. In the exhibition, visitors will go behind the scenes to glimpse recent developments from robotics research, exploring how roboticists are building robots that resemble us and interact in human-like ways. The exhibition will end by asking visitors to imagine what a shared future with robots might be like. Robots will open at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, on Thursday, October 19th as part of the Manchester Science Festival. The exhibition will run until Sunday, April 15th 2018 before continuing its tour to The Life Science Centre, in Newcastle, and the National Museum of Scotland, in Edinburgh. ...

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